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By Wynn Grcich
East Palo Alto Today
Posted on October 19, 2010

Douglas Fort is running again for city council. When Henrietta Burroughs interviewed him on TV, last election, she asked, “What made him qualified to be on the city council?”

Fort said,” Because I can go where no one else can go!” This year ask him, ”Where that is? What does he do when he gets there? What has he accomplished in this secret location?”

"If he is a team player, why hasn’t he taken any of the other council members, if it is so beneficial for the city? Why hasn’t the council given him a recognition certificate, for his accomplishment in the secret place?"

How many city council meetings have Douglas Fort gone to and spoken on public record? I never saw him or heard him at any of the meetings that I have gone to. Google his name and see his public record speeches. You learn about about city council by going to the meetings.

Captain Kirk, of the Enterprise, could go where no one else could go, too! Did this secret place teach Fort about public policies, union contracts, city budgets, city planning, Roberts Rules of Order, how to balance a budget, and how to read a spreadsheet?

Laura Martinez was a recreation leader. She was not at the city council meeting for the garbage negotiations after the election, which she had won. This would have shown interest in the job for which she was just elected. The garbage talks bring revenue to most cities. How many meetings has Martinez missed since she was elected?

I think your best bet for city council is Goro Mitchell or Bernardo Huerta as write-in candidates. They both need to register as a write-in candidate to qualify. Support them.

I know a lot about your city. I love the people. I’ve gone to many of your council meetings, and I don’t live there. I have tried to inform the residents of the poisons added to the drinking water under the United Nations: Agenda 21 Depopulation. Councils pay dues to belong to the UN. Ask Councilman Abrica about it, since he is on the BAWSCA water board and Mr. Woods, a former BAWSCA member. Abrica will not speak out against the additives. Senator Jackie Speier created BAWSCA and medicated you with the toxic waste from the Phosphate Fertilizer’s scrubbers. It’s poison. She is practicing medicine without a license. Fluorosilicic acid with Chloramines increase cancer death rates.

Councilwoman Martinez thought a grocery store would solve your health problems.

Assemblyman Ruskin chaired the BAWSCA water board in its early days. He lied about not having peer review evidence of harm from Chloramines, which was given to him by Dr. Winn Parker. Mike Francois and I gave Ruskin and Senator Simitian copies of studies on the water additive studies so they can’t say they don’t have them. Read the MSDS report on the Concern Citizens Against Chloramine site. I gave the MSDS Report to them at a BAWSCA meeting and I have passed it out at many council meetings. Our water providers got laws passed to exempt themselves from the Safe Drinking Water Act. Ask your city clerk, under the public record act for copies of all the water information, which I gave your city council.

Please, study the issues before you vote. Vote for someone who can save your lives. Alternative Technology is the answer/ no chemicals in our drinking water.


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