pic new EPA street lights

The above picture is a part of the slide presentation on Bay Road improvements, which was given to the East Palo Alto City Council this past Tuesday.





Bay Road Improvements in Jeopardy

By Henrietta J. Burroughs
East Palo Alto Today
Posted: September 10, 2008

During his update to the East Palo Alto City Council on the improvements being made to Bay Road, the led engineer for the project expressed his concern about the vandalism that was already occurring before the project's completion.

In a slide presentation at the city council's September 9 meeting, Kamal Fallaha, the project engineer for East Palo Alto's Public Works Department, showed improvements such as new landscaping, bus shelters, pedestrian lights, curbs and gutters along Bay Road. But he said that he was forced to hold up additional installations because of graffiti and other forms of vandalism which were defacing the new property as soon as it was put in.

Alvin James, East Palo Alto's city manager said the vandalism was becoming a serious and expensive proposition since the city can't built it fast enough before it needs to be replaced.

The Bay Road Improvements Project, as it is officially called, is designed to establish Bay Road as the main street for the Ravenswood Business District. The project entails specific improvements such as street widening, bike lanes, landscaped medians, traffic calming devices and new decorative street lights.

The $12 million project is divided into two phases, with Phase I, which encompasses Bay Road from University Avenue to Clarke Avenue, currently underway. Phase II of the project will involve improvements from Clarke Avenue to Cooley Landing.

James called upon community groups to get involved to create an awareness of the importance of the project and a sense of pride about it. "This is ours," he said, "and we want to preserve it."