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By Henrietta J. Burroughs        Follow East Palo Alto Today on
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Ocober 7, 2013                        
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David Woods put an end to the rumors and concerns about himself that had been floating through the East Palo Alto community for more than a month. Giving support to the concerns was the fact that he had missed at least three consecutive city council meetings.

On October 1, Woods sent an email to three of his council colleagues in which he announced his intent to resign from the East Palo Alto City Council.

The email, which had the words "Thank You" in the subject line, was sent to Lisa Yarbrough-Gauthier, Larry Moody and Laura Martinez.

In the email, Woods thanked his three colleagues for the opportunity he had to serve with them and he said: “Due to health and personal reasons I can no longer commit the time required to serve on the council. Therefore I will be resigning. I will be working out the logistics with the Mayor and city manager. I will attempt [to] speak to you all individually by tomorrow.”

It was an announcement that came as a surprise to several of them. It was even a surprise for Mayor Ruben Abrica, whom Woods had contacted two days before he sent the email to his other council colleagues.

“I knew David was going through a transition in his life,” Abrica said. “But I figured he would go to the end of his term [November 2015] and decide not to run. Not hearing from him, I was hoping everything was working out.”

Abrica said, “I enjoyed my work on the council with him. He was always the kind of person willing to come up with alternatives.”

In talking about Woods resignation, Council member Yarbrough-Gauthier spoke about how important it is for new council members to work with those on the council who are more experienced. "I thought he would be there," she said. 'Now, I'm trying to figue out a direction for the council.

"What happens for the rest of his term? What's the process for identifying his replacement? If he's resigned, it's for a good reason. He's done a lot of good on the council. I respect David and Keisha [Woods' wife]." she said.

Abrica said that the council now has three options with respect to the fourth seat that will now be vacant on the council. The council can appoint someone to fill Wood's seat, it can leave the seat vacant until November 2015 or it can hold a special election.

Both Abrica and Yarbrough-Gauthier said that they were not in favor of having a special election.

Woods is now expected to send an official letter of resignation to the city and will meet with the mayor, the city manager and the city attorney to work out the logistics of his resignation.