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By Richard Tuiono
East Palo Alto Today
Posted on March 9, 2011

Click photo to enlarge

 Photo of EPA Bulldogs   Photo courtesy of Richard Tuiono
This photo shows the East Palo Alto Bulldogs about to score during their game with the San Mateo Warriors on March 6, 2011.

From the opening whistle, the San Mateo Warriors dominated the game! They had more energy, they were talking to each other more and they were definitely more physical! And it showed on the scoreboard, as they took  an early 3-0 lead.

The East Palo Alto Bulldogs looked slow and lost for the first 20 minutes, and even though they tied up the game, SM seemed a little more focused and definitely more tough!

The lazy looking dog eventually woke up, in time, to score the only try of the first half. The Bulldogs were the  physical ones in that drive and although the conversion failed, EPA had taken the lead... and more importantly, the momentum!

They quickly added a penalty kick after the break and,shortly after that, after another try to take a commanding 18-3 lead.

SM responded with a score of their own, to trail by only 8 with about 20 minutes to play.

But the physical play by SM had been matched and the energy had clearly shifted to the home team (and the home crowd, of course), and had remained there even after SM scored! It would be the visiting team's last.

The closing minutes were a back and forth type of a game that ended with another Bulldogs try.

The dog had eventually turned itself into that type of beast we all know and love in East Palo Alto... a tough protector of home sweet home.


Bulldogs 25   San Mateo 10

Player Of The Game: Bulldogs #12.
Play Of The Game: Bulldogs #7 try in first half.




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