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By David Blum                     
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Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2011  
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The weather has slowly changed and temperatures have heated up, which means there will be little need for sweaters, heavy coats and other warm weather clothing for the next several months. But before you pack your heavy clothes into plastic garment containers or plastic bags – or leave them on hangars deep in your closet for the summer – it’s a good idea to have them professionally prepared for storage. Storing clothing for a matter of months requires that they be free of all oils, dust and other harmful particles that could do damage to your clothes.

Kitty's Cleaners logo  There are a few basic rules to consider when   preparing your clothes for seasonal storage and it   starts with laundering or dry cleaning each article of clothing you plan to put away for the off-season. Your local dry cleaners can help you determine which cleaning treatment is most appropriate and also make recommendations about the most effective storage techniques.  Shawn Hector, who is the owner of Kitty’s Discount Cleaners in East Palo Alto, encourages customers to prepare all off-season clothing, including cherished heirlooms like wedding dresses, leather articles or special items of children’s clothing. Hector tells his customers that the change in seasons is always a good reminder to collect your winter clothing and bring them in for a final cleaning before storing them for the summer months

Although popular because they save space, vacuum sealing is not recommended for long-term storage as they tend to leave creases in the clothing that might be difficult to remove months down the road. In addition, plastic garment containers have drawbacks as well, preventing air from circulating within the closure, often resulting in the build up of small amounts of moisture leading to possible mold and mildew.

The simplest and most effective storage treatment for your clothes is a cardboard box with a lid. Cardboard boxes effectively repel dust. Most cardboard boxes allow air to penetrate, helping to keep your clothes preserved and ready to be worn when the cold weather returns.

In addition to preserving your clothes for warm weather storage, the change in seasons signals a great time for spring cleaning your area rugs, sheets, tablecloths, comforters, blankets and pillows. Most dry cleaners provide these types of household cleaning services, but be sure to check with your local provider to be sure they are qualified to clean these items.

It’s also wedding season which means you should be planning for the care, treatment and storage of your garment so you can relive the joy and happiness of your special day for years to come. Kitty’s Discount Cleaners specializes in wedding gown cleaning, heirlooming and preservation, including acid-free packaging. “We recognize the significance and importance of your wedding dress and Kitty’s takes pride in being a part of preserving your memories from your special day,” said Hector.

Kitty’s Discount Cleaners is an East Palo Alto institution, which has been in business since 1955. It is located at the corner of Willow Road and Newbridge Street off the 101 and is under new ownership.

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