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By Henrietta J. Burroughs                  
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Posted on Monday, July 19, 2011  
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In responding to a sudden spike in violence, which has led to two homicides in East Palo Alto in the past two weeks, the East Palo Alto Police Department has unveiled a Summer Violence-Reduction Plan.

This new plan involves an analysis of violence "hotspots" in the city and an analysis of the violence that was committed in East Palo Alto between January and July. It also entails increased enforcement efforts in designated hotspots and the targeting of those involved in violence.

Under the new Summer Violence-Reduction Plan, the East Palo Alto Police Department will continue the long-term and strategic programs it already has in place to reduce violence.

Some of these programs include: enhanced gang and narcotics investigations, continued Operation Ceasefire "call-ins" for Nortenos & Surenos gang members, and a continuation of weekly special operation sweeps held in partnership with the county and state probation and parole departments.

To get more details about the plan, click on Summer Violence-Reduction Plan

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