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By Henrietta J. Burroughs
East Palo Alto Today
Posted January 4, 2011

The East Palo Alto City Council meeting, which was scheduled to take place at 7:30 p.m. at the East Palo Alto Municipal building on Tuesday, January 4, was canceled because of a small fire which occurred in the men’s bathroom on the first floor of the building. The building is located at 2415 University Avenue in East Palo Alto and it houses the city's administrative offices, the East Palo Alto Library, as well as several San Mateo County offices.

It is not clear at this time how the fire started, but, according to East Palo Alto’s City Manager ML Gordon, the fire, which occurred in the late afternoon, was minor and was quickly contained.

Gordon said that he was advised by the Menlo Park Fire Protection District, which services East Palo Alto, to cancel the council meeting because the smoky smell from the fire had permeated the building and the smoke, itself, might be combustible.

“I’m not interested in having anyone become sick from inhaling the smoke and the air was dangerous to breathe,” Gordon said. So, he decided to take the fire department’s advice.

Gordon said that the canceled city council meeting would probably be rescheduled for next week.



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