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December 7, 2010 City Council Meeting -Agenda Item 10 A & B; Selection of Mayor and Vice Mayor

Picture of Peter Evans  East Palo Alto City Council member Peter Evans

Mr. Gordon,                                 

I am sending this memo to you as the City Manager of the City of East Palo Alto to distribute to Council members, City Attorney and as a hand-out to the general public for tonight’s meeting. I am also sending it as an email. Since I was elected to the City Council I have only served as Vice-mayor during my six years. David Woods was elected mayor at my time to serve as mayor and Reuben Abrica was elected Vice Mayor then.

This racist and evil policy has violated my electoral and civil rights. The adopted policy has only impacted me and not other East Palo Alto Council member. I will no longer accept this racist and evil policy. As African Americans we protested and fought against this type of uncivil activities by white Europeans. Now some Blacks and Mexicans in our City have replaced them. I will not be a “sit in” or a “sit down” during this protest. My attendance while this racist and evil policy exists will be limited to Council Roll Call. It is my intent to protest the past racist and evil policy by leaving each scheduled City Council meeting after roll call is completed.

Accordingly my right to serve my constituents and the City as mayor and vice mayor must be restored and not denied by fellow Council members who were elected by the same citizenry as I was. Obviously the time must end for City Council members to continue to violate my right to serve as mayor which I inherited pursuant to my election. I will no longer sit idly by and allow my electoral rights to be violated.

Ironically recently Councilmember Abrica agendized a resolution condemning the Arizona racist policy against Mexicans which I voted for. But he regularly has supported this racist and evil policy against me. Mayor Woods has supported this policy as well as Members Romero and Martinez.

Finally the Resolution that sets the procedure for the yearly selection of mayor and vice mayor was omitted from the agenda packet. This is a violation of the Brown Act and it should be corrected accordingly.


A. Peter Evans Council member - City of East Palo Alto


Read the response of the East Palo Alto City Attorney Vincent Ewing here.


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