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Headline News in EPA Today

Election 2020: Your cheat sheet for 12 propositions to know about before Nov. 3
Twenty-twenty is a big election year. With all eyes on the presidential race, Californians can’t afford to lose sight of our state and local elections. These decisions need the same amount of consideration being given to the big race.... Click here to read more.

What you should know when voting by mail
Election Day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020 but, for voters opting to receive and cast their ballots in a socially-distanced manner, the voting process could begin even earlier... Read more here.

San Mateo County meal program extended
Great Plates Delivered, a program that distributes healthy meals from local food providers to eligible seniors, has been extended through October 9, 2020. The program is part of California’s emergency response to COVID-19.....Read more here.

Eleventh hour save for California renters facing evictions is not a permanent solution
AB 3088, an emergency bill to stave off evictions for 4.3 million California renters, was passed at the 11th hour on August 31 by the California State Legislature...
.Read more here.

East Palo Alto 2020 Census response tops 2010 response
At the beginning of September, 63% of East Palo Alto residents completed their 2020 Census questionnaire. This percentage tops the city’s 2010 Census final self-response rate of 62.5%....Read more here.

How we can uphold our democracy this election season
Former Georgia gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams described efforts to suppress votes nationwide ahead of the November 3 presidential election....Read more here

Youngest city in San Mateo County hard hit by COVID-19
East Palo Alto is now the most pandemic-affected city in San Mateo County with the highest percentage of confirmed COVID-19 cases in relation to its population size.....Read more here.

A tsunami of evictions could hit the U.S. in the aftermath of COVID-19
A panel of experts, speaking on housing rights, sounded an alarm related to the COVID-19 pandemic. They warned of the inevitability of a new economic crisis that now faces millions of American tenants....Read more here.

San Mateo - California's #1 census success story
San Mateo County has achieved the highest census self-response rate in California by working with local organizations that know their communities intimately and by targeting messages to them......Read more here.

Fear of public charge keeps immigrants from seeking health care during pandemic
The Trump Administration’s re-implementation of the public charge rule has kept immigrants from accessing health care and other needed services during the COVID pandemic....Read more here.

U.S. Supreme Court protects California's Dreamers
On June 18, the United States Supreme Court ruled against the Trump administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
....Read more here.

Juneteenth celebration includes why it is important to fill out the census
On June 19, 2020 the 26th Annual National Juneteenth Festival will kick off a weeklong event. It is not a tradition during this event to have people from across the United States descend on one location. COVID-19 has created major challenges and severe losses to the economy, to jobs, homes and lives..
....Read more here.

Change is a movement and a process
One thing is clear this Juneteenth: change cannot wait. Today, not only do we commemorate Black liberation from slavery, we also commemorate victims of police brutality and the lives lost at their hands....Read more by clicking here.

Can we move beyond ‘wash, rinse, repeat’ cycle of protests?
The COVID 19 pandemic, which has dominated the news throughout much of 2020, took a knee this week, as the U.S. turned its collective zeitgeist to the issue of police brutality against African American men
..... Read more by clicking here.

COVID-19 has a destructive impact on women in many ways 
Most of us are already familiar with the impact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) has had on countries around the world. We get news daily about how it has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide,.... Read more by clicking here.

Is there more Covid cash coming to help Californians?
Gov. Newsom presented his May Revision budget for the 2020-2021 fiscal year to the California State Legislature last week on May 14....Read more by clicking here.

Fighting against hate crimes targeted at Asian Americans in the aftermath of COVID-19
When it comes to being the victims of hate crimes, few if any ethnic groups are exempt. Nearly 400 participants from across the U.S. took part in an online meeting to address the anti-Asian hate crimes that are increasing throughout the country.....Read more by clicking here.

Help defeat COVID-19
COVID-19 hit the Bay Area on January 31 in Santa Clara County. Nearly three months later, the “novel Coronavirus” that originated in China has caused a statewide shut-down unprecedented in living memory....Read more by clicking here.

Tracking California’s census response rate – who’s ahead and who’s behind?
Less than a month after the first invitations to participate in the 2020 census were mailed out, 44.8% of California’s known households have completed the questionnaire, putting the Golden State just slightly behind the country’s 45.1% rate.....Read more by clicking here.

DACA and TPS recipients qualify for federal coronavirus relief
Undocumented immigrants affected by the coronavirus are not at risk of being arrested by immigration agents when they request medical services, while access to health will not be considered a public charge when applying for a permanent residency or certain non-immigrant visas....Read more by clicking here.

The worst is yet to come, medical exports tell reporters at Ethnic Media Services Briefing
The United States, currently leading the world in the number of people infected with coronavirus, is at the crest of fully experiencing the pandemic, a panel of medical experts and community health advocates told reporters March 27. Read more here.

See more news briefs here

Top National and International News Stories

Confederate symbols face removal, graffiti and lawsuits....

Reform, defunding, abolition: Activists push plans to overhaul police departments

Featured Articles and Videos


Exploring Critical Issues with the East Palo Alto City Council Candidates
Screenshot from interview with East Palo Alto City Council candidates
From top left, Carlos Romero, Henrietta J. Burroughs and Stewart Hyland; 2nd row from left, Council member Larry Moody, Juan Mendez and Council member Lisa Gauthier; bottom row, Antonio Lopez and Winston Lincoln. All are shown on the set of the Talking with Henrietta television show after their discussion on October 8, 2020.

What do the East Palo Alto City Council candidates have to say about the issues? Find out on this edition of Talking with Henrietta. Click here for more information about this show.


Taking Another Look At Census 2020
Photo from show discussion on taking another look at Census 2020
From top left, Ama Nyamekye, Henrietta J. Burroughs and Marianna Yamamoto; below left, David Tucker, Stephanie Kim and An Le are shown on the set of the Talking with Henrietta television show after their discussion on July 23, 2020. See below for more information on this show,.

There are big changes taking place in the news industry. What type of changes and how do they affect us? We discuss some of these changes and the effect that they have on the news on this edition of Talking with Henrietta. Click here for more information about this show.


The Black Lives Matter Movement: Where Do We Go From Here?

Screenshot of Black Lives Matter show participants
In the TV monitor from top left, Lisa Tealer, Kyra Brown and Yoriko Kishimoto. Second row left, Court Skinner, Vandana Kumar and Frank Omowale Satterwhite appear with Henrietta J. Burroughs during their Zoom discussion on July 1, 2020. Get more details below.

Community leaders shared ideas and various perspectives on our current social issues on this new edition of Talking with Henrietta. Find out more about this show here.

Race, Policing and the Color of Change

Screen shot from the Palo Alto online Forum-Race, Policing and the Color of Change
From top left, Bill Johnson, Ron Davis and Winter Dellenbach; second row left, Chief Bob Jonsen, Chief Al Pardini and Olatunde Sobomehin; bottom row, Henrietta J. Burroughs and Pastor Paul Bains are shown during the Palo Alto Weekly's Virtual Online Town Hall Forum, which appeared on Zoom on June 25, 2020. See additional details below.

In the above Palo Alto Virtual Online Town Hall Forum, the panelists discussed what area residents want racial justice and policing to look like in their community. Find out more about the forum here.


Achieving Balance and Well-being during the Coronavirus
Participants on show on balance and well-being
From top left going clockwise: Greg Thompson, Henrietta J. Burroughs, Gabriella Anya Bucio, Dr. Mary Bains, Crystal Crowley and ShaRon Heath are shown during the May 7, 2020 recording of their discussion on the Talking with Henrietta television show.  See more below.

If you or someone you know are currently stressing out during our COVID-19 pandemic, then you'll want to see this new edition of Talking with Henrietta. Find out how you can see the show by clicking here.


Census 2020 and the Coronavirus

From top left, Melissa Vergara, Henrietta J. Burroughs, Alisi Tulua, below, and Megan Gosch, bottom far left, are shown during the recording of their discussion on the Talking with Henrietta television show on April 16, 2020.   A brief description of the show is below.

Census 2020 outreach activities are changing because of the coronavirus pandemic? Find out how on this edition of Talking with Henrietta. Click here to get more information about this show.


The Power of 2020
Photo from the show discussion - Power of 2020
From left, Pam Jones, Julie Shanson, Henrietta J. Burroughs and Tracy Clark are shown on the set of the Talking with Henrietta television show after the taping of their show discussion on Thursday, February 27, 2020. See a brief description of the show below.

Many are beginning to think that our current year -2020- is different from recent past years. On this edition of Talking with Henrietta, show guests give their views about the year and what they think it offers. Get more information about this show by clicking here.


Explaining the 2020 Census

Explaining the 2020 Census TV Show
From left, Walter Manuofetoa, Jonathan Garcia, Henrietta J. Burroughs and Ruben Avelar sit on the set of the Talking with Henrietta television show after their discussion on February 13, 2020. See more information about this show below.

You've probably heard of the 2020 Census. But, how much do you really know about it? On this new edition of Talking with Henrietta, you'll be able to get important information about how this year's upcoming census relates to you. Get more details here.











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